Bridal Packages

  • Hydra Facials MD

  • Laser Facials

  • Laser Toning Gold Toning

  • Insta clarity peels

  • Skin refining peels / Chemoexfoliation

  • EXILIS treatment

  • Botox and Mesobotox

  • Hair redensifying treatment

  • Laser hair treatment

  • Customised treatments for pigmentation

  • Fractional resurfacing

  • Treatments for the skin care and beautification of brides and bride grooms

    Hydra Facials MD

    For skin Smoothening , suppleness Brightening face and full body

  • Skin refining peels / Chemoexfoliation

    For skin Brightening , Lightening and uniform complexion of face and full body

    DHI Advantages

    • Over 43 years of global leadership in hair restoration, making it the world largest and most experienced team.
    • Three main objectives of the Total Care System - Innovation, Education and Transparency.
    • No Stitches, No Pain, No Scars, No Marks, No Scalpels, No Bleeding, Single Session Sitting.
    • Patented Technology with Patented Micro and Single use instruments.
    • Certified by various global organizations like UK CQC, ISO, World Health Association, etc.
    • Global presence with over 43 Clinics worldwide and 117 Clinics in India.
    • Three Principles - No Harm, 100% Guaranteed Natural Results, Maximum Density Per Session.
    • Over 150,000 clients worldwide have transformed their lives using DHI Total Care System.
    • We feel how you feel- over 45 members of the DHI global family have undergone DHI.
    • Academic recognition with over 50 Research papers and awards.
    • DHI Total Care System deals not only with hair restoration, but also the art, science and research behind it.
  • Laser Facials

    Advanced lightening and brightening treatment

  • Laser Toning And Gold Toning

    Reduction of open pores , acne treatment, come done treatment,correction of under eye dark circles alongwith Skin Brightening , Lightening and uniform complexion

  • Laser hair reduction

    Laser hair reduction for face and full body(pneumatic skin tightening technology for fastest, painless and safest treatments )

  • Botox / Mesobotox

    Fine Line Reduction, wrinkle reduction, facial glow , arched eyebrows, correction of drooping lips , nasal flare reduction , treatment of gummy smiles , jaw lines correction , correction of square of square jaws , crows feet , correction of heavy calf muscles , correction of neck line and defining neck and back

  • Fillers

    Apple cheek , lips beautification , forehead reshaping , eyebrows enhancement , nose reshaping , liquid face lift , reshaping of face (ideal V of youth) , chin enhancement or correction.

  • Hair Redensifying Treatments

    Hair redensifying treatments and Treatments of hair fall

  • KND Exilite (TM)

    Gold standard treatment for face rejuvenation , skin tightening, body shaping ( removal of extra bulges) , fat reduction , skin brightening and maximum glow.

  • Customised Treatments Of Pigmentation

    Customised treatments of pigmentation eg Melasma and Acne scars with combination of various modalities

  • Fractional Resurfacing

    Fractional resurfacing for treatment of scars and pigmentation

    Treatments Are Customised As Per Individuals Need And Comfortability.