Skin Tightening BTL EXILIS ELITE (™)

BTL AESTHETICS has been honoured as a world's no 1 Body Shaping Company and BTL Exilis Elite as a winner of "My Face My Body Awards 2015"UK, Most widely done aesthetic treatment all over the world, It is indeed our prestige and honour to have this world class treatment with us.
Monopolar RF coupled with Ultrasound is most effective and advanced than bipolar, tripolar and other technologies available in the industry. Here, it gives controlled depth of penetration that is significantly required for the effective induction of apoptosis resulting in fat loss and new collagen synthesis at the same time giving instantaneous results and also for the results to be long lasting.
Be it face rejuvenation , periorbital fine lines, forehead lines ,sagging eyebrows, heavy lower face, marionette lines, neck lines , wrinkled décolleté etc. KND offers a versatile and effective solution with BTL EXILIS ELITE.
Sagging arm folds, sagging breasts, love handles, loose thigh skin, pendulous belly, bra fat etc. it is again the most effective non surgical solution.